Amelia G. Alvarez Tue May 29 07:17:00 UTC 2018
Amelia in Jerusalem, The Holy Land: Welcome to Western Wall, the centre of Jewish yearning and memory for more than 2,000 years. The only Great Temple to survive the Roman destruction; built to support the western side of the Temple Mount and its sacred because one of the reasons is, Abraham came here to sacrifice his son Isaac, and Jacob slept here, dreaming of a ladder to heaven! Right at this moment, I feel warm inside my heart! I am absolutely overwhelmed and I cannot comprehend how I feel! God bless my soul! #ameliasworldtittletattle #ameliatheexplorer #myvoyage2018 # #holyland #travello #traveloflife #wheninjerusalem­čç«­čç▒
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Amelia G. Alvarez Sun Jun 24 19:02:17 UTC 2018
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Rocco Barroco Tue May 29 08:22:52 UTC 2018
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