Silviana Chelsea Thu May 03 08:33:03 UTC 2018
Hi What your name? Where you from? What reason you love traveling?. Where destination next you will come And why you join in Travello Coment and answer my question thanks
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Silviana Chelsea Thu May 17 10:44:16 UTC 2018
Shohug Rahman Fri May 11 07:22:58 UTC 2018
Shohug Rahman. Bangladesh/Singapore. Travelling makes life more exciting, fun and easy. Just returned from Vietnam & Maldives. Next stop Bandung, Manila, Cebu, Hawaii, Turkey, France, Germany and Spain. To know, To learn and To have new friends. Simple motto of mine - if it is not fun why do it, if it's makes you happy why stop. Cheers 😊 😊 😊