Alexey VS Sun Jan 14 07:14:21 UTC 2018
My last trip was to Vancouver during the Christmas break, and it was quite an adventure actually. I have a very mixed impression about the city, because while nature is beautiful and urban scape is quite impressive, the seasonal shifts in weather drastically influence the overall mood. Captured below is one of the rare sunny days that week, with a view of West Vancouver, Stanley Park and the mountains behind them from the Kastilano Beach following a snowfall the day before. People seem to be much more relaxed and less rigid on such a day as opposed to the days when everything is gray. The scope of distances between the objects and the people felt quite enormous to me, serving as a reminder of how much of a frontier spirit it took to inhabit, settle and build this city; though, I do not feel that it's possible to completely realize that from this photo alone due to high aperture value. Still, you might be able to appreciate the notion based solely on the amount of space and scale of distances captured.
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Jada S Hilton Tue Jan 16 20:47:17 UTC 2018
Alexey VS Mon Jan 15 07:14:48 UTC 2018
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