Mhe-mhe Ybanez Thu Feb 15 00:47:06 UTC 2018
Sambawan island is located in Maripipi,Biliran Leyte. It is a marine sanctuary and a popular dive site. It has an extensive wealth of marine life, good visibility and corals that are in good condition. Turtles, sea snakes and reef sharks are also found there often. Current is mild and suitable for all range of divers. A watch tower is built at the highest point to give the tourists unencumbered view of the entire island. It serves as viewdeck to witness the spectacular sunrise and the glorious sunset. Both,which can surely melt your heart. Recommended for diving and snorkling.. #firstpost #busabout #takemetoasia #promoteLeyte
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Gampola Acl Thu Feb 15 13:49:52 UTC 2018