Nikki Tue Jan 09 05:13:42 UTC 2018
Ohmylife. Barbiedoll decided to go backpacking. 🤣 Yep, this is how I intend to backpack through Mexico, Cuba, y Colombia. Seriously though; does anyone else out there feel so deceived by this weather?? I was promised mid-20s before I left my beautifully warm country and both LA and Miami have been at mid-teens these past days! Have you all ever had to pack for 2 completely different temperatures in one backpack? How do you fit everything in? Is there a way to use the same clothes for both hot and cold?? Por favor, ayudame! 🤣 Mexico and Havana, be good to me. I might not have enough cold weather clothes left for Bogotá 😢
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Jml Manuel Mendoza L Wed Jan 10 13:28:20 UTC 2018
Edi Al Rahman Tue Jan 09 05:55:31 UTC 2018
Have a nice trip