HUIXIANLIM.123 Sun Jun 10 09:49:11 UTC 2018
Having the greatest morning #throwback from the bed! ☀️
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HUIXIANLIM.123 Fri Jun 15 14:55:17 UTC 2018
@kurniaksk nope. But a trip with my partner. So lucky to be able to book this villa. Its a ONE AND ONLY VILLA available and i was on the waiting list.
kurnia ksk Fri Jun 15 08:26:52 UTC 2018
@huixianlim123 your honeymoon ? 😊😊😁
HUIXIANLIM.123 Fri Jun 15 08:21:52 UTC 2018
@kurniaksk whooping sgd500 a night for this. But worth the experience and stay. Totally enjoying. Time of my life. Hehee.
kurnia ksk Fri Jun 15 04:57:42 UTC 2018
@huixianlim123 very nice indeed...👍👍
HUIXIANLIM.123 Fri Jun 15 04:33:12 UTC 2018
@kurniaksk its at e end of taiwan. At pingtung county. A villa with indoor pool.
kurnia ksk Sun Jun 10 11:07:31 UTC 2018
Hi.. where is this Hui Xian Lim? Looks like in a bedroom ? Or Spa of the hotel?