Anita Lee Wed May 09 13:24:39 UTC 2018
The hand of Antwerp. The name Antwerp (in Dutch: Antwerpen) has many possible origins. One is the story of Brabo and the giant Antigoon. Antigoon was a giant who lived on the Scheldt, the river of Antwerp. Antwerp was and still is a busy port, and the giant charged a high toll for all the ships that sailed through. If anyone refused to pay, Antigoon would chop off their hand and throw it in the river! One day Brabo, a Roman soldier, killed the giant by chopping off his head. Because Antigoon’s modus operandi was chopping off a hand of anyone who did not or could not pay the toll, Brabo also cut off the hand of Antigoon and threw it into the Scheldt. In Dutch “hand throwing” is “hand werpen”, which eventually turned into “Antwerpen”, because Brabo threw Antigoon’s hand into the Scheldt River.
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