Aya Fernandez Thu Jan 04 09:01:25 UTC 2018
This is the Sablayan Zipline Adventure at Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. It is one of the world's longest island-to-island zipline that has the length of 1.7 km. This, of course, I didn't miss riding! It took me 12 years to get on this trip. 12 years to get back. Sablayab place holds a special place in my heart. This is where I had the best memories in my childhood. When I tracked the old, familiar pathways and sights, everything appeared smaller, shorter, but nevertheless beautiful. The dirt became paved roads, the empty lots now occupied with houses, but always the same sea. The same sunset. The same low tide. I felt overwhelmed wherever I look. It reminded me where I came from. It helped me realize how far I’ve gone. And now I know I am ready to explore farther and beyond than where I am today. This year I’ve booked flights to destinations I badly wanted to go. In 2018, I will explore. I will be a better version of myself. #busabout #takemetoeurope
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