The_tricenarian_traveller Fri Jun 15 06:21:24 UTC 2018
Pacifico beach, siargao aka paradise Love this place, this was my second time here in siargao. I first stepped foot on this island at the beginning of the year. The surf was pumping and the party's were Consistent, that was until I took an hour ride up north. From the first time I stepped foot in Pacifico I knew that I wanted to come back. So I did...6 months later, it is low season so the lack of surf was to be expected but the vibe was very much still the same. But dont be fooled by those little ripples, this place gets huge in when all the elements are right. Damn I love this place , one of my favourite things is that this whole section feels unexplored and still left to the locals. Get on a bike and drive to santana Monica and you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you decide to take the trip here be sure to drop by pacifico gardens and give George a high five. (if you're looking for party's then this area is probably not for you, i live and work in cebu so this time round was just to escape the rat race) Pacifico. .. see you next year you little beauty 💕
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