Teresa Castro Wed Sep 13 19:48:53 UTC 2017
Hi, Girls. I was thinking of visiting Marocco in November with another girlfriend of mine, but I read it is dangerous to travel through the country just women alone. Have you had this experience?
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Tamara Barrio Mon Sep 18 22:20:18 UTC 2017
I've been there many time, I really like that country, i always had good. in my opinion it is a safe country. I am sure you'll enjoy it a lot!
MarĂ­a Mrn Mon Sep 18 12:54:08 UTC 2017
Hello Teresa! I lived in Morocco 3 months and I have travelled 3 times now to visit the country. For me it was totally safe. It is true men can be a little bit annoying. They will tell you things in the streets, so maybe you would feel safer with a man. But regarding security, I can assure you it is super safe. I did not have any problem at all while I was living there.
Cath. Sun Sep 17 09:18:40 UTC 2017
I was there with my Brother. I think it would be good to find a male to travel there with you. The local can be quit 'forward' at times. But if you are experienced travellers you should be fine.
Tracey T-ray Best Fri Sep 15 19:56:30 UTC 2017
I went on a tour & the part I did off tour I was with a male friend. Most females friends I can think of haven't done it alone, but that's not to say you 2 couldn't - just what I've seen. You could do a tour for some? Best part was sleeping under the stars in the desert :)