Nathy Bastos Tue Jan 09 02:24:40 UTC 2018
I come from a tropical country where is always sunny and green. And experience a "real" autumn is magical for me. Watching the leaves falling slowly, the days becoming gold and the explosion of colors and shades of autumn is an inspiration! And just traveling I had the opportunity to experience all the seasons and to see while one side of the world has golden leaves falling down the other side there are beautiful flowers blossoming! 🇮🇪 #busabout #takemetoasia #autumn #tree #tourism #landscape #ireland
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Rebeka Pha Tue Jan 23 04:01:18 UTC 2018
Nathy Bastos Sun Jan 14 14:35:27 UTC 2018
Thank's!!! :)
Payal Aher Tue Jan 09 11:43:35 UTC 2018
👍 Tue Jan 09 03:59:52 UTC 2018
Great photo and it's Ireland and not raining! You were lucky.
Rumith Singh Tue Jan 09 02:31:03 UTC 2018