Roy Lang Sun May 06 00:50:34 UTC 2018
Let's take a unique tour all the way from Yucatan Mexico to Panama City .Let's explore Central America together.  I can show you how to do that affordably, I am your personal translator I am your personal guide. I am your personal traveling buddy..... Review my prior clients.  REViEW:  Hi, I'm Scott, from the great State of Maine!  I hired Roy as a guide/translator for 2 weeks, in October, 2017.  My goal was to travel solo, and get a full sensory experience of culture, in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.  My aim was not simply to view places, but to fully engage with the cultures.  I wanted to live as a local, not as a tourist, visiting foreign lands. Roy was perfect for this job!  He knows the good places to go in about every city and town, knows people everywhere and, where he doesn't, he makes new and trustworthy connections quickly.  He has a talent for that. In addition, he accomodates custom requests.  For instance, I wanted to cook in Costa Rica.  Within 24 hours of my telling him that, I was making tamales with a family, in their backyard cusina.  Yeah, Roy makes it happen, exactly the way you want it to.  The guy was nothing short of amazing.
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