Simplyglobetrotting Tue Aug 01 04:08:54 UTC 2017
Throwback to my very first camping experience in New Zealand. Also proudly showing off my first property (it is my first property as a tent!) We camp at the Piha Beach camp site, made a little compound of ourselves and had a freezing evening hearing the wind! It was cold, dark, and tiring as I have just done a 17hrs flight from Dubai to Auckland non-stop as a flight attendant. I remembered myself passing finally, yet the happiness that rose inside me was amazing, as it was my first camping experience. Obviously, I am hooked since then! #cinchtents #campingmemory g #campingmemory #pihabeach #auckland #spring #throwback
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Simplyglobetrotting Tue Aug 01 23:22:48 UTC 2017
It is indeed!
Franco Chew Tue Aug 01 04:33:46 UTC 2017
Tired but is good experiences