Myrrha Pandora Tue May 15 17:43:57 UTC 2018
Let's book for this weekend! Minimum 9people. Looking for 7 people more! RM99 only including transport from Kuala Lumpur go and back ! Drink fresh tea in the tea plantation, eat alot of fresh strawberries dip in chocolate from strawberry farm mmmm yummy 😍
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Sonam S Singh Thu May 17 14:04:40 UTC 2018
@MyrrhaPandora ok
Myrrha Pandora Thu May 17 14:04:14 UTC 2018
Ok great ! So we need 4 more people. We will wait until Saturday atleast if we can get 9 people then we can proceed the trip. I will inform u.
Sonam S Singh Thu May 17 13:56:59 UTC 2018
I have 2 more who will be interested as well
Sonam S Singh Thu May 17 13:55:32 UTC 2018
I am on for it :)