Dan Lins Wed Jul 26 06:00:12 UTC 2017
After riding for hours heading north up freeway 5 in chile I finally called it a night shortly after midnight. I pulled off the road into the pitch black. I saw on my GPS the ocean was close so I continued to drive till it appeared I was in the ocean. Got off the bike and set up camp for the night. I would of never of guess that turning left and driving on a dirt road that I would wake up to this amazing paradise somewhere outside of LA Higuera Chile. This night was absolutely amazing to me cause it was the first night on my motorcycle trip where I actually camped after darkness. I had no clue or care in the world where I was at it was time I just know I needed to get some sleep for the night. So I was pleasantly surprise after crawling out of my tent made it another memorable experience. That I decided to stay till about lunch before I finally packed up and headed north to antofagasta.... #cinchtents #chile
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