heymeghs Sun Jun 18 21:55:05 UTC 2017
Will be landing in London Monday morning at 8! Anyone want to meet up for tea or have suggestions for a 24-hr layover let me know! 😊
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NKTTJAMES Mon Jun 19 21:45:17 UTC 2017
So Where is next destination to ?
NKTTJAMES Mon Jun 19 21:43:41 UTC 2017
I live in London
Cath. Mon Jun 19 21:37:23 UTC 2017
London is such a great city. With only 24hrs just walk around the city, explore Soho and soak up the vibe of this brilliant city! Have you been before?
NKTTJAMES Mon Jun 19 21:27:59 UTC 2017
Did you enjoy lovely lovely London