Maeh Bautista Mon Mar 12 11:14:30 UTC 2018
Laki Beach, Mariveles Bataan. I was just here last weekend. It is newly opened to public. Camping and hammock hanging. Its a 4hrs land travel from Manila and then a 30 minute boat ride to the beach. The sand is fine and the water is also fine πŸ˜‚ Long shoreline and there are rock formations too. The sunset is beautiful. Many who visit the beach spends the whole day then leave, but others stay for island hopping the next day. You can do a cove to cove island hopping know as the Five Fingers of Bataan. No mobile signal. Theres a water supply, but no electricity. Theres also a small store but you can only get coffee and noodles so better if you bring your food if staying overnight. It was a nice weekend to sum it all. 🍻 #beach #PH #Bataan #travel #camping #backpacker #hammock #LETSGO #SAILINGREECE #TravelingWithMyIphone
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Maeh Bautista Tue Mar 13 04:41:00 UTC 2018
@AlexKop youre welcome πŸ™‚ happy travels 🍻
Alex Kop Tue Mar 13 04:40:11 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista thank you. Am always fasinated finding my way around to reach a certain place. Hope I get there. Thanks again....πŸ˜€
Maeh Bautista Tue Mar 13 04:38:24 UTC 2018
@AlexKop Hi! From cubao, I think theres a bus terminal going to Mariveles Bataan, ask around if you cant find it. When you reach Mariveles, there are trickles around, ask the locals where the port is Going to Laki Beach. Make sure you bring your lunch and dinner with you if staying overnight. *Im not really familiar with the place since we rented a van to get there. Can use google or just ask the locals it always helps ☺️
Alex Kop Tue Mar 13 04:32:29 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista you know how I can commute there from Manila. I would love to go there. The beach looks purely amazing...πŸ˜€
ELoiza Fragas Olivar Tue Mar 13 01:13:08 UTC 2018
im glad that you visit mariveles and the new trade mark spot of mariveles :)