Travello Mon Apr 16 14:00:43 UTC 2018
If you didn’t get the message from @SarahTravelloMarketing on Friday then don’t miss your chance to win a GoPro! Simply invite a minimum of 2 friends to Travello from the Invite Friends link/icon in the top left of this feed tab or from the invite friends link in your Profile tab. Every friend who joins and creates a profile is another entry for you! Winner will he drawn close to the end of April. Good luck!
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Rajesh Neupane Thu May 24 23:14:14 UTC 2018
Namaste Greetings from Nepal
Travello Tue Apr 17 22:54:29 UTC 2018
@JesseDay Hey Jesse- we’ve set up a system in our database to track invites sent and invites accepted - so we’re checking it out daily!
Jesse Day Tue Apr 17 12:21:32 UTC 2018
How do you know who has invited the most and who is taking part
Rajesh Neupane Tue Apr 17 11:39:17 UTC 2018
Jose Tz Tue Apr 17 09:36:46 UTC 2018
Am already invite alot of people
Dang Levjs Tue Apr 17 00:15:34 UTC 2018
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Travelling Kate Mon Apr 16 22:42:23 UTC 2018