Travelling Kate Tue Jun 20 03:03:52 UTC 2017
Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a huge bucketlister for me! Has anyone been and could share some tips? I don't know much about it.
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killaexpeditions Tue Jun 27 02:36:58 UTC 2017
Peru rainbow mountain
Hrn Achakzai Tue Jun 27 01:24:17 UTC 2017
Which place is it?
Antoinette KABANYANA Mon Jun 26 20:27:58 UTC 2017
Vyacheslav Stanislavovich Evtushenko Mon Jun 26 15:58:18 UTC 2017
Nice 👌
sunny2 Mon Jun 26 14:57:12 UTC 2017
Very nice
rafting3000 Mon Jun 26 12:11:05 UTC 2017
I've been there :)
Саша Костинский Mon Jun 26 08:28:35 UTC 2017
manu4luv Mon Jun 26 06:01:34 UTC 2017
Amazing view
manjeet21 Sun Jun 25 07:18:17 UTC 2017
Deni2 Sun Jun 25 04:44:48 UTC 2017
Wow! Awesome.
Winny Sat Jun 24 18:13:25 UTC 2017
Wow is that real?
Helle Nielsen Fri Jun 23 06:24:34 UTC 2017
Worth the hard work. Went a yr ago
Durán Torrado Caroline Thu Jun 22 23:12:04 UTC 2017
Wow. Amazing
killaexpeditions Thu Jun 22 10:09:56 UTC 2017
Maybe next time we can take your through the other side of the rainbow mountain
killaexpeditions Thu Jun 22 10:05:51 UTC 2017
Great to hear that weather was good.
Lauren Carey Thu Jun 22 05:59:26 UTC 2017
Just went!! I went through Flashpackers. Bit pricy but you get there before the hoards of tourists. I had the BEST day weather-wise. Not a cloud in the sky. The trek itself is difficult for sure but I just took it slow. Really excited about the photos I was able to get 🙌
killaexpeditions Thu Jun 22 05:27:22 UTC 2017
Feel free to contact me happy to help
Dan Lins Wed Jun 21 05:41:27 UTC 2017
Yeah it could of been the day clouds definitely shifted in and out ask day but check out my recent posts tumbaya Argentina I thought was way better
Hamid Hilmi Wed Jun 21 00:32:23 UTC 2017
Really ? i'm going there this coming September.
Patricia Kumentas Tue Jun 20 10:32:15 UTC 2017
That's disappointing. Maybe it was the lighting.
Dan Lins Tue Jun 20 07:28:11 UTC 2017
Not sure if it was just the time I was there but unfortunately it honestly looked nothing like that
Krissianty Tue Jun 20 03:45:01 UTC 2017
amazing mountain
Patricia Kumentas Tue Jun 20 03:20:50 UTC 2017
Beautiful!!!! Like a poncho!
test_ryan Tue Jun 20 03:05:35 UTC 2017
I'd love to do that too!