Apple Fernandez Thu Jun 14 07:15:53 UTC 2018
So what better way to celebrate my birthday than to submit my entry for the #besttravelmates competition of @Travello . Today I turned 34 and the first thing I did as soon as I wake up was to enter my video on the site that could win me my #travelofalifetime . Please check my vid and vote for me guys! ❤️🙏🏻 I never knew I could make use of this video I made on my first UAE trip during our Dubai desert safari tour last 2015. I described it as a big leap of hope that this time, I got this. And yes, I said ‘this time’ because this is my third competition here and if I win this, then I think I know why I didn’t make it on the previous competitions. And if I don’t, well there’s always a next time. 😊 Goodluck to all the participants! #myDubai 🇦🇪
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Chakma Milan Sujata Chakma Soheli Sat Jun 23 15:11:57 UTC 2018
Shafi Muhammad Mt Mon Jun 18 23:59:31 UTC 2018
Apple Fernandez Sun Jun 17 05:19:33 UTC 2018
@DezSanvictores Thanks so much dear!
Dez Sanvictores Sun Jun 17 04:52:29 UTC 2018
Belated happy bday
Apple Fernandez Sun Jun 17 02:37:26 UTC 2018
@AhmedOsamaRifaie Thanks!
Ahmed Osama Rifaie Sun Jun 17 02:35:23 UTC 2018
happy birthday
Zain Bajwa Sat Jun 16 12:33:08 UTC 2018
@AppleFernandez welcome and also happy belated birthday :-)
Apple Fernandez Sat Jun 16 12:28:43 UTC 2018
@ZainBajwa Thank you so much!
Zain Bajwa Sat Jun 16 10:49:17 UTC 2018
Good luck dear
Zaigham Abbas Sat Jun 16 02:09:55 UTC 2018
Apple Fernandez Fri Jun 15 12:54:14 UTC 2018
@Trumpeter Thanks! It was yesterday though. Thank you.
Trumpeter Fri Jun 15 12:32:26 UTC 2018
Lovely my dear, and happy birthday sweetie.
Joni Hassan Fri Jun 15 07:42:28 UTC 2018
Ruwansiri Gedara Fri Jun 15 06:35:23 UTC 2018
Nice lovely
Isa Thu Jun 14 09:38:14 UTC 2018
Are you relative with Van Damme?
Apple Fernandez Thu Jun 14 09:08:55 UTC 2018
Shukran @ÀbdélkabirChattou
Apple Fernandez Thu Jun 14 09:08:35 UTC 2018
Thank you so much @SamLindner @RichardBarge
Sam Lindner Thu Jun 14 07:33:37 UTC 2018
Good luck!
Richard Barge Thu Jun 14 07:31:43 UTC 2018
Good luck
Àbdélkabir Chattou Thu Jun 14 07:28:32 UTC 2018
Nice pictures