itsitg Sun May 07 15:55:19 UTC 2017
Bali or Bangkok?
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abdu Sun May 07 16:25:13 UTC 2017
Bali baby ☀️🍉🥃🍻🍺
Dhani Sun May 07 16:16:17 UTC 2017
it is about 45 minute by plane.,
itsitg Sun May 07 16:14:12 UTC 2017
How far is Bali from Yogyakarta?
itsitg Sun May 07 16:13:06 UTC 2017
Yup. From Philippines
Dhani Sun May 07 16:09:56 UTC 2017
Bali., and then yogyakarta 🙂
muddipose Sun May 07 16:09:43 UTC 2017
You are from Philippines?
itsitg Sun May 07 16:08:11 UTC 2017
Do you have someone to recommend to organize trips? I'm a first timer traveller btw
muddipose Sun May 07 16:07:13 UTC 2017
Bali is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats, u will enjoy every single moment with nature
itsitg Sun May 07 16:01:37 UTC 2017
Mind to give me places to go and to do
muddipose Sun May 07 16:00:55 UTC 2017