Cara Lamanna Thu Feb 23 21:46:35 UTC 2017
My most memorable moment was in the Gili Trawangan Island of Bali. This was the most spontaneous trip I've ever been on. Simply booked the tickets to Bali and figure out everything based on local opinions when I got there! A dream of mine was to see a turtle in it's natural environment! I asked around and a few locals help me sought out a boat and little hostel for when I arrived. Minutes after the long journey there I hired a snorkel and jumped straight in the water literally off the main beach front! I expected to see a turtle but instead came across a giant !!! The local guide who I was with was so excited! He said he hadn't seen a turtle of this size in almost a year and was fearful they were not around any more!!! They were so majestic and had no fear just swimming right besides you!! Will never ever forget the magic that was this day ✨
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Cara Lamanna Sat Feb 25 02:49:42 UTC 2017
Thanks Jarvis !! It was incredible 😍
Jarvis Joseph Fri Feb 24 02:43:45 UTC 2017