Ronnie Eve Scott Tue Jan 09 15:20:39 UTC 2018
15 hours of air travel, one nights sleep, 8 hours of bus travel later... We are finally here in El Nido and I am super excited to discover some beaches tomorrow. Can anyone recommend the best one in the area? 🌴 #Philippines #ElNido #Palawan #palmtrees #beach #journey
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Camille Canlas Wed Jan 10 10:37:22 UTC 2018
Make sure you take tour A :) The lagoons are glorious. 😍 Take time to explore both the small and big lagoons. Rent a kayak :) Also, Seven commandos beach has the best sunsets. Ask your boatmen if they can take you there around sunset time :) Sunsets in there are stunning.✨
Ronnie Eve Scott Wed Jan 10 08:28:58 UTC 2018
Thanks for the tips! We’re actually taking a private tour D tomorrow. We spent the entire day at Nacpan and just waiting for the sunset now 😊
Camille Canlas Tue Jan 09 22:56:34 UTC 2018
Go to nacpan beach for the sunset, it’s a bit far but it’s worth the travel time. Or you can go to las cabañas beach, there is an island to island zipline in there
Camille Canlas Tue Jan 09 22:55:27 UTC 2018
Take tours A and C