ArmieM Thu Jan 04 20:37:12 UTC 2018
One of the most memorable trip that I had is when I want to Buscalan and had inked by the the legend Apo Wang Od. My tattoos symbolises travel and productivity(fertility) and these best represents me. The more that I travel the more I became open to everything to experience new places and things. The more I travel the more I became at peace with myself. The more I reconnect myself and be grateful to my Creator. The more I value my relationships and friends and family. These makes me forgiving, be kinder, be more courageous in facing challenges. I’m looking forward to all the beautiful places that I will discover for 2018. To discover more about myself and to cherish the people that I already have in my life, to get inspired and be inspired, to meet new people.
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අජිත් සේනානායක Thu Jan 04 20:44:37 UTC 2018
Very beautiful