anilrajul Tue Apr 17 05:15:23 UTC 2018
My dream land again here.........CARIBAO ISLAND near buracay, Philippines
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Phil Mangga Ode Tue Apr 17 22:41:41 UTC 2018
Carabao Island is Perfect place but i wish that people visiting there will be more responsible in what they do. Enjoy!!!
anilrajul Tue Apr 17 22:38:37 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista u have been at cagayan also,how is that place?
anilrajul Tue Apr 17 06:58:27 UTC 2018
@MaehBautista thanks dear
Maeh Bautista Tue Apr 17 05:34:23 UTC 2018
Carabao Island, Romblon 😁 and yes it is near Boracay ☺️ Happy travels and enjoy the Philippines sir πŸ™‚