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πŸ’­ "Listen to books! One of your readers will be the beginning of your success." 😊 πŸ“ Today, I'm writing about my favorite books. Though I had long thought about writing books, it was a great day for me. Hopefully, these books will change your life as well. 😊 ✏ Initially, I would like to note that I am very jealous because I am jealous of my books as I love them. For example, I have my own book, which I first touched upon - usually not to another person. I can afford a person to give him a new book, but I can not give my book. Because something that belongs to me must be mine forever. 😊 Β  I always get the newest of books, and when I start with every new book, I smell its smell. That's why PDF books do not stand out. I can read books in pdf format, but none of them are as valuable as my books in my home book. The scent of the book is what I can not understand. Only those who read books or fall in love with each other can know it. For me, as a person who needs to draw in the smell of his love for increased love of life, the smell of the book is the same for me .. 😊 πŸ–‹ So, reading a book is a very different way. It is a very beautiful way of enlightenment. You know, you have 300-page or few hours of conversation with many educated people. You get valuable ideas from the owner of this book, and you create your own successful life. At the same time, I'm reading a book so that some sentence can affect my life. And since it's worth reading before reading the books, they also change my life after reading it. Because everything in the world-including love-varies by focus and value. As love grows with the value given by one to another, the value given to the book is so great. I was reminded that the book that I first valued was able to change my life (Napoleon Hill - Think and Varlan). Increased interest in business - Rich father, poorer father (Robert Kiosaki), "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" (Steven Covey), "Strength of Personal Strength" (Brayan Treysi), My Desire album - Mani and Money Alfabet (Bodo Schaffer), when I made my mind positivism, was a very important part of magical books such as "The Greatest Trader in the World" (White Mandino). And, most importantly, there are up to 130 books that are similar to today (business, personal development, and very few scientific books). Valuable books that can be read, listened, and read aloud .. 😊 Also, keep in mind that the value you give to books should be proportional to the value you give to a person you love. Because love, how beautiful it is, one of the ways to love you can pass through those books ..! 😊 ------------------------------- πŸ†Ž Alizade Barat Hamlet oghlu 🌐 Interforce Tourism Company πŸ’Ό Tradesman, Founder and CEO βœ’ Facebook: Barat Alizadeh ✏ Instagram: @barat_alizadeh_official πŸ“© Email: #baratalizadeh #lider #motivation # success # development #interforce #turizm # company #direktor #ceo # habit
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