Mandi Liz Tue Jan 09 05:27:32 UTC 2018
From a young age I knew I needed to see the world. I wanted to travel more than anything anyone could want. Most people around me would roll thier eyes at my "illusions of grandeur" as none of my immediate family have never travelled outside of the continental United States let alone abroad. So when I was 18 years old and announced to my family "guys, I'm going to Europe next spring!" They were surprised and mostly frightened. Money was a problem, my family supported me my entire young life but never had the kind of money to send thier daughter abroad. I was studying at the local college and took a second job to afford the trip. At 18 I busted my butt through full time classes and 2 jobs to send myself to Europe. It was the BEST thing I had ever done for myself. Still is. It was the most special and amazing thing. I did what friends and family said I couldn't. Today, I want to share my love of travel with someone close to me who has never been abroad. It will be like reading my favorite book once more through the eyes of a loved one. So, Travello, I'm sorry for the long winded post but sharing this trip to Europe would be a dream for me and I would do anything to make it happen. #takemetoeurope #busabout #amsterdam
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