Lisi Olesko Tue Feb 13 13:56:17 UTC 2018
Vilnus you georgous lil city! Stayed here for less than 48h, which is a bit short but 2-3 full days will do it if you want to get to know the city real good 😊 Visit the independend republic of UΕΎupis in the city and get a visa - stamp in the barlament (but not in your passport ppl!) πŸ˜… stroll around and get lost to soak up the atmosphere in one of the endless cosy lil cafes or go out to find the erasmus community taking over the Karaoke stage πŸ˜‚ I met so many awesome people in there πŸŽ‰ Pic: at the three crosses - night view at vilnus 😍 #Lithuania #Vilnus #Baltics #traveltips
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Karai Taukarai Wed Feb 14 04:13:01 UTC 2018
Night sky is lit!
Lisi Olesko Tue Feb 13 14:01:13 UTC 2018
ohohoh and Lithuania is celebratin it's 100years of independence this thursday, 15.2. 😊 theres gonna be so much happenin!