Dewa Gday Brown Wed Apr 18 07:27:44 UTC 2018
Kecak dance and sunset at Uluwatu temple The Traditional Balinese dance calles Kecak dance is one of balinese dance that very interesting to see. One of the best place to see and watch the dance thats in Uluwatu temple, the dance would starting at 6.00pm when the sunset come. How beautiful is it, you can imagining.. Plase join us.. And feel free to contact us. #bali #kecakdance #uluwatu #sunset #balidriver #balitransport #baliguide
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Dewa Gday Brown Thu Apr 19 02:17:23 UTC 2018
@deedy💋 best place, isn't it
deedy💋 Wed Apr 18 17:53:49 UTC 2018
This was a very interesting experience when I visited Bali. I was able to catch the sunset and the Kecak dance.