Ronnie Eve Scott Sun Jan 14 05:06:04 UTC 2018
Island hopping in El Nido yesterday was one of the best moments of 2018 so far. What you don’t see in this picture: hundreds of other people trying to get a similar shot of themselves at an “empty” Seven Commando Beach. Finding places like this one, even if they are slightly more touristy than you’d expect - it’s still absolutely magical and inspires me to travel even more this year! I don’t want to just finish off in Asia so #busabout please #takemetoeurope 🥥🌴. #Philippines #paradise #tropical #islandlife #island #beach #Asia #ElNido #Palawan
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Teguh Twibawa Thu Apr 26 21:37:58 UTC 2018
Cristine Joy Anino Bercero Tue Jan 23 10:10:25 UTC 2018
I’ve been there! Are you planning to go to bohol?
Seng Kong Sat Jan 20 07:12:58 UTC 2018
Have you been
Thess Montebon Sat Jan 20 04:03:14 UTC 2018
i been to el nido last year..the islands there are gorgeously amazing..
Mehmet Kocu Fri Jan 19 20:48:11 UTC 2018
Jay Pamaran Thu Jan 18 04:27:12 UTC 2018
@RonnieEveScott nice and very safe place palawan
Sergio Garçon Nickel Wed Jan 17 16:07:17 UTC 2018
Thilina Kumara#Coolguy# Wed Jan 17 11:03:55 UTC 2018
Ronnie Eve Scott Tue Jan 16 12:30:14 UTC 2018
@AntonetteSarte ah thanks so much! ❤️
Antonette Sarte Tue Jan 16 02:12:55 UTC 2018
Ronnie Eve Scott Tue Jan 16 01:49:30 UTC 2018
@NyiHtwe great thanks 😊
Nyi Htwe Mon Jan 15 18:32:20 UTC 2018
how you feling there?
Pramesh Mon Jan 15 15:48:43 UTC 2018
@Ronnie sent you a DM
Ronnie Eve Scott Mon Jan 15 11:29:16 UTC 2018
@Pramesh ah well fingers crossed for you! Send me a DM if you need any recommendations for El Nido at all 😊
Pramesh Mon Jan 15 11:16:57 UTC 2018
I'm travelling to Philippines just for El Nido and Coron . I hope it won't rain from 25th. 😊
Ronnie Eve Scott Mon Jan 15 11:15:53 UTC 2018
@Pramesh bit cloudy and gloomy but only had one rainy day last week. Still nice and warm too 😊
Pramesh Mon Jan 15 11:14:53 UTC 2018
How is the weather there? I will be travelling to El Nido and Coron next week
Afourlove Joe Mon Jan 15 11:02:53 UTC 2018
Cool Spot
Ronnie Eve Scott Mon Jan 15 09:18:46 UTC 2018
@NelsonCorbett that sounds like a dream!
Nelson Corbett Mon Jan 15 01:08:36 UTC 2018
I was lucky enough to stay on Seven Commando Beach and enjoy it when there was no one else there! Loved that beach!!
Oussama Shikho Mon Jan 15 00:42:50 UTC 2018
Ronnie Eve Scott Sun Jan 14 06:44:40 UTC 2018
@Arnex thanks! Loving it so far 😊
Arnex Sun Jan 14 06:40:39 UTC 2018
Enjoy the Philippines!
Dodi Alfayed Sun Jan 14 06:13:23 UTC 2018
Its cool bro..very beutifull