Bree Lewis Tue Jan 09 21:50:58 UTC 2018
I think everyone will agree when I say there is not just 1 reason to be inspired to travel in 2018, travelling gives you a sense of fulfilment and freedom within yourself. With every trip you fall deeper in love with your own life, accompanied by the experiences and challenges you face in every trip. It brings personal growth by tackling new fears, meeting new people, tasting new things, opening your eyes to situations and asking yourself how you can help. You get to immerse yourself into this beautiful culturaly diverse world we live in, it changes your entire perspective on life and keeps you grounded. Shows you how amazing life can truly be. With every photo I have taken overseas, or withing my home country Australia these are a constant reminder. Here's to ticking more off my bucket list in 2018 #busabout #takemetoeurope #takemetoasia
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