Nicolás Fernández Castañón Thu Jan 04 01:43:42 UTC 2018
Once upon a time there was an ancient Empire, in the far west of medieval Europe. That Empire was sieged by other Empires from the East. They fall. And they rised again from the shadows of their own history. History filled with certain buildings that shaped the legacy of that Empire: Churches, Monasteries, Fortifications...Castles. I will start a journey a few months from now, and I will come back to that ancient Empire, that took my heart by surprise and stole it, and without hesitation took it faraway from me, deep within the domains of Alfonso Enríquez, The Marquis of Pombal...the land of Viriato. Over 25 cities and villages, more than 100 Churches, Monasteries and Castles. I'm almost on my way, Lusitania.
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