dawson Sun Jan 14 03:44:09 UTC 2018
During my stay in Cambodia, I installed Tinder for the very first time, for the sole reason of making new friends, and suprisingly, I did find one, not just a friend, but my bestfriend. I swiped right to this guy who is skinny and has a long wavy brunette hair, plus, he was a few miles away from me. We matched. He is German and had been traveling for the same purpose as me. Stunningly, he and I have the same mindset, the same opinion the same likes, although there are differences, we managed to fill through our gaps. We talked about anything. He influenced me to be a vegetarian, though I only manage to be a pescaterian. He made me care more for the environment. We try to help each other out to be a better citizen in our society. He has become my long distance bestfriend, and we call each other "twinnie". We never met, even though there were 2 times, we were on the same country. Now, he is back in Germany, and I, in my own country. I vowed to myself to meet him one day, to say thank you in person. For being there for me, and for being a good person that he is. Plus, I really need to touch his hair! Haha! So please #takemetoeurope #busabout
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