@thepartyingtraveler Sat Feb 25 07:18:19 UTC 2017
Comuna 13, once the most notoriously dangerous neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia. I wandered around here by myself and got lost. Fortunately, I stumbled upon some kids playing a game of football. After mercilessly defeating them, we sat around a bottle of soda and talked about life. Despite the language and cultural barriers, we had no problem connecting as humans and futbol aficionados. They helped me figure out how to get home, capping off one of my most memorable days of traveling. Don't let reputations influence your decisions too much. Exploring most "dangerous" neighborhood was one of the most colorful, welcoming, and powerful experiences of my life.
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amaryroad Sat Feb 25 07:44:39 UTC 2017
I'd love to go ❤