Brittany Herbert Sun Jan 14 02:13:39 UTC 2018
This picture inspires me to travel more in 2018 because this mountain we hiked was extremely tough. My best and I had never hiked through snow before, it was horribly slippery, we kept falling over and we didn't know if we'd make it. We both helped each other up and this was our view at the top. To me that's what travel is all about, being out of your comfort zone, pushing boundaries and limits, experiencing things you wouldn't normally get the chance to experience. Reaching the top was euphoric and emotional and I couldn't have imagined experiencing this with anyone other than my best friend @bec2531. To travel is to live. #busabout #busabouteurope
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Brittany Herbert Sun Jan 14 03:48:29 UTC 2018
Please #takemetoeuorpe
Bunly Sun Jan 14 03:46:28 UTC 2018
wow, nice shooting!