Maeh Bautista Mon Mar 12 07:11:14 UTC 2018
Onuk Island. This is the nicest place I’ve been to. Paradise feels! The island is located at the southern most part of Palawan, PH. It is owned by the Mayor of Balabac Palawan. To get here, is a 6-7hrs land travel from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Then a 4hrs boat ride to Balabac Proper. From Balabac is another 4hrs boat ride to the Island. It is privately owned so you have to coordinate with the locals to get there, and they are the ones who will arranged your stay. Not all are allowed to visit the island. But I believe that my friends and I are the privelleged few. 😉 Happy Travels Everyone. Its really more fun in the Philippines 😎 #LETSGO #SAILINGREECE #travel #beach #islandlife #love
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