Tashi Sherpa Fri May 18 16:52:07 UTC 2018
Are you planning trip to Nepal?
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Tashi Sherpa Sat Jun 02 04:37:50 UTC 2018
@MichaelKa yes it is sir
Tashi Sherpa Sat May 26 13:24:52 UTC 2018
@MichaelKa yes it's true sir Sep 15 to nov15 will be good so please choose the month so I can be on standby
Michael Ka Sat May 26 13:10:39 UTC 2018
@TashiSherpa I see June is not the best time to visit Nepal. Very high chance of rain. What’s your advise?
Tashi Sherpa Sat May 26 08:42:00 UTC 2018
@SyedNafizHassan where do you want to go
Tashi Sherpa Sat May 26 08:41:44 UTC 2018
@MichaelKa poon hill 10 to 12 days will be great
Michael Ka Wed May 23 18:57:05 UTC 2018
Anything you can recommend for June 2018 in Nepal? I’m looking for somewhere to go.
Tashi Sherpa Sat May 19 16:08:41 UTC 2018
@SyedNafizHassan Ok then pls leave your email add we will mail program
Tashi Sherpa Sat May 19 16:08:05 UTC 2018
@NeneGraceHMallorca welcome it's wonderfull we have trip plan in coming Sep if you want write us yoi r email add
Nene Grace H Mallorca Fri May 18 23:01:19 UTC 2018
Yes someday
Syed Nafiz Hassan Fri May 18 18:51:52 UTC 2018