sorush Sun Mar 12 09:13:42 UTC 2017
Stories about Ancient city of semnan (located in north east of iran): *According to the first theory, Semnan was an ancient pre-zoroastrian city in which the locals practiced idol-worshipping. Their religion was called samīna, hence the name Semnan. *According to the second theory, Semnan was an ancient civil establishment by the Scythians, an Iranian people who named their settlement Sakanān. *According to the third theory produced by the local people themselves, the first settlers of Semnan were two of the Prophet Noah's children, Sim An-Nabi and Lam An-Nabi, and that their settlement became known as Simlam; the local people believe that over time the name Simlam turned into "Semnan." *According to the fourth theory, Semnan was established by the mythical character Tahmuras, and that he named his city Saminā. *The fifth known theory simply states that the ancient regional language was known as Sa ma nān, and that the city of these people took on the name of their language. *According to the sixth known theory, the name Semnan comes from the phrase "sa ma nān", which is supposed to be a corrupted Persian way of saying "Three Months of Bread." This phrase traces back to the Semnani women's tradition of cooking three months worth of bread in one day.
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