Castor Rean Wed Dec 13 07:48:48 UTC 2017
♡ ♡ ♡ Good day my beautiful Islanders, Sometimes we are waiting for the aha moment, a sign to guide us to the first step into a new direction. We are sure that it must be out there and we become obsessed with the idea. And all of a sudden it feels like finding the needle in the haystack. We put on our binoculars for far vision, optimize our external search engine in the hopes of running across the ideal buzzword, perfectionate our skills by filling our brains with knowledge and theories.... and it comes to a point where we are unable to see the wood for the trees and ocean's.. Take a moment, sit still, and listen to the tiny little voice, feel the moment, breathe out what has been in there all along. By finding the key to yourself you will be able to open the door to your true meaning. Rae💕... ♡ @ Trinity Islands, Cagmanaba, Oas, Albay
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