Liliia Leonidivna Blazheieva Mon May 07 06:19:32 UTC 2018
I suppose it's about time to speak out to those here who have obviously got lost on this app: Do me a favor and really get lost! I think, most of women here have experienced these foolish messages from men with something alike spermatoxicoze (when their thoughts are not in their mind, but in another place). Eager to find someone, they make stupid things like not reading the profile of the girl, where it's clearly stated she's not here for relationships, and still message her. Guys, do you really think that if I didn't answer your message 2 months ago, then one month ago, I will do it now??? Do you really think I'm so lonely and stupid that I start trying on bridal gown right after the first message??? Not any better are those messaging: "Hi, I'm Blah-blah, help me to find a job in your country, cuz we are friends, right?" WHAT???? Seriously? How can I help you if you are so lazy (and, obviously, stupid) you can't even find a job in your own country! Sorry for so many mean words, but that really makes me go mad! And the worst part of it is that these people, to who it is addressed, will either not read it, or won't understand that they are an object of this topic. 😞😞 Please, admins of Travello, I beg you to improve the "Report user" button so that complains would take much less time! #angry_post
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Ryan Hanly Wed May 09 22:36:11 UTC 2018
Hi @LiliiaLeonidivnaBlazheieva we are working on this right now! Will also send you an email.
Elliot Mon May 07 10:34:43 UTC 2018
@LiliiaLeonidivnaBlazheieva @travello @RyanHanly @MarkCantoni