Mike D Mon Jun 11 00:11:00 UTC 2018
Krakow was an amazing place full of so much fun and history. However a quick detour takes you to one of the scariest places on Earth, Auschwitz. The “death camp” where over 1 million were killed. This isnt a place for photos or selfies. I took a picture of the gates and not many after but it needs to be shared so it’s not forgotten. There is a very sombering effect walking through the gates to Auschwitz. The translation to the gate not sure if rough or entirely accurate means, “work sets you free”, or something of the like. While we can all have fun partying and exploring throughout our travels, revisiting tragedies that occured in our past is just as important, so things like this never happen again.
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Elliot Mon Jun 11 10:55:41 UTC 2018
@MikeD thank you for this touching post