Tatis Wanderlust Tue Jun 12 19:26:59 UTC 2018
You can help me, to make my dream come True. My dream is to do as much as possible of the world. I’am planning to leave end of december, but travello is organisating a big competition for Australia. My biggest plan is to do Australia totally. I did already from sydney to darwin. So if I win I can deled this from my list. 😋 and discover other things. Second reason why I really want this I start already a blog about my adventurous from nz and australia the part that I already did. This competition will help me to start, improve and promote my blog. So vote for me please. https://pr.easypromosapp.com/voteme/824***/630******?lc=dut
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Tatis Wanderlust Wed Jun 13 12:12:15 UTC 2018
@RettaMestikaOmpusunggu very kind of you 😉
Retta Mestika Ompusunggu Wed Jun 13 09:11:15 UTC 2018
@TatisWanderlust I will
Tatis Wanderlust Tue Jun 12 19:31:39 UTC 2018
this is my blog 😅
Tatis Wanderlust Tue Jun 12 19:29:12 UTC 2018
Tatis Wanderlust Tue Jun 12 19:28:44 UTC 2018