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Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz,Iran Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is one of the traditional mosques in shiraz, which is located near to the famous Shah Cheragh mosque; this mosque may be one of the most beautiful mosques in Shiraz and visiting it with its colorful glass windows, high vaults, and elegant tiling is one of the dreams of any tourist. This mosque is unique in its architecture, and especially its tiling and muqarnas. Looking at it from the tiling aspect, this mosque is one of the most valuable mosques in Iran and in its architecture especially its tiling and muqarnas, it is unrivaled. This building was built on the order of Mirza Hossein Ali known as Nasir Al-Mulk who was one of the grandees of Qajar dynasty. It lasted 12 years from 187* to 188* to be built. Its space is 289* square meters and its substructure is 221* square meters. Colorful glasses are used in the architecture of this mosque and that is why it is called Iran’s pink mosque.More information With Click the link in about in my Profile
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