Magdalena Kieltyka Mon Apr 16 21:44:51 UTC 2018
Hello ladies! Is anyone up for a 2 week trip to Peru sometime between July and end of September? Get in touch :)
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Magdalena Kieltyka Sun Apr 22 08:05:15 UTC 2018
@BrittanyQ How about this August? :) I'd love to have a travel buddy for Peru!
BrittanyQ Sun Apr 22 05:55:11 UTC 2018
Haven’t even picked dates yet but have been thinking of going for awhile with no one to travel with
Magdalena Kieltyka Fri Apr 20 06:17:40 UTC 2018
No, I haven't booked anything yet. I'm looking at Aug 25th - Sep 9th. When are you thinking of going? For how long?
BrittanyQ Fri Apr 20 02:31:14 UTC 2018
Yes!! Been dying to go to Peru, Have you already booked everything?