Melissa Stevens Wed Apr 12 04:48:16 UTC 2017
Who's in Bangkok this week? Or has any recommendations? Love Thailand, headed back to Phuket next week where this photo was taken ❤️
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Jeeny L Tawan Sun Apr 16 09:27:22 UTC 2017
Not sure I think it is Krabi
Anne-Sophie Lardet Sat Apr 15 04:42:27 UTC 2017
I'm in Koh Tao! You should check itnout
Soythip Kerdnaree Sat Apr 15 00:06:44 UTC 2017
I'm at Bangkok
Marcusroth Fri Apr 14 15:07:51 UTC 2017
Check out Koh Tao and Koh Phangnan. They're cool. Cheapest way to get a diving license, too!
Mimi Meyers Thu Apr 13 10:28:28 UTC 2017
Skip BKK and visit Sri Lanka! You're more than welcome!
Olive1 Thu Apr 13 04:15:28 UTC 2017
Hi guys I Would like to meet up you all.😃😁😃
Olive1 Thu Apr 13 04:04:43 UTC 2017
Olive1 Thu Apr 13 04:04:28 UTC 2017
What tome is it?
lindseyloo634 Thu Apr 13 03:55:59 UTC 2017
I'm staying on khaosan. Let's meet up!
Melissa Stevens Thu Apr 13 03:34:00 UTC 2017
Sure am :) not sure what the plan is for then but you're more than welcome to join! You have any ideas/plans?
lindseyloo634 Thu Apr 13 03:30:28 UTC 2017
@Melissa Stevens. You're in Bangkok Saturday?
Melissa Stevens Thu Apr 13 03:01:29 UTC 2017
Haha I would LOVE to do Koh Tao and such, but flight is booked for Phuket 😂 headed to Krabi from there though :) any recommendations of islands around Phuket/Krabi to visit within that time too??
Madeleine Allen Thu Apr 13 02:58:58 UTC 2017
Agreed! Skip Phuket. Krabi is really beautiful!
Whiskaya Thu Apr 13 02:22:48 UTC 2017
I'm staying in Bangkok until after the 15th and then I'm going south (though probably to a different place than Phuket, as everyone recommends cheaper and more interesting places nearby)
Melissa Stevens Wed Apr 12 14:27:19 UTC 2017
I'm leaving on 16th, I'll be here on Saturday! Message me girls, hopefully we can meet up!
Ryan Hanly Wed Apr 12 11:26:41 UTC 2017
Skip Phuket and go straight to Koh Tao!
MayPhat Wed Apr 12 09:58:50 UTC 2017
Pity!! I leaving BKK today :(
Variyaporn Sirigran Wed Apr 12 07:15:10 UTC 2017
Hello, i trip phuket now.
lindseyloo634 Wed Apr 12 06:07:07 UTC 2017
@Olive1. Would love to meet up in BKK!!! Message me.
lindseyloo634 Wed Apr 12 06:05:03 UTC 2017
Hey! I land late Friday in Bangkok and want to go down to Phuket. When are you leaving? Can you meet me in Bangkok on Saturday?
Olive1 Wed Apr 12 05:34:15 UTC 2017
Hello! I live in BKK.