Dhani-Gorie Sumohardjono Sun Jul 16 05:46:18 UTC 2017
I am currently running for an amateur photo contest. So if you have an instagram account and can help to like my photo by visiting @sahabatpeduliindonesia page or via hashtag #spi_indonesiadamai that would be wonderful. This contest is purely for charity. My pics are the middle of 2nd row and the last one of 3rd row, or for easier please check the one with @dhani_gorie in the caption. Thank you very much ❤️😍❤️😍 . . . . #spi_indonesiadamai #sahabatpeduliindonesia #photocontest #indonesia #indonesiakudamai
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Dhani-Gorie Sumohardjono Sun Jul 16 07:23:52 UTC 2017
Thank you Jamie! 👌
JDAroundTheWorld Sun Jul 16 07:23:26 UTC 2017
Done ✅🙂