Calvin Martin Weigel Sat Jun 09 23:59:52 UTC 2018
If someone here wants to travel CEBU, Philippines you nay contact me for free travel buddy :) all i want is to relax and enjoy life and meet new people. I'm Calvin Martin Weigel 20yrs of age Architecture Student Photographer Videographer Filmmaker Businessman
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Janelle Magno Wed Jun 13 09:32:43 UTC 2018
Animo Architecture (Archtron) Mon Jun 11 16:22:20 UTC 2018
Lets travel me.
Rainy Quimbo Sun Jun 10 16:09:04 UTC 2018
@CalvinMartinWeigel same here haha
Jacque Malazarte Sun Jun 10 13:46:25 UTC 2018
Me haha