Mikayla Gifford Fri Jun 15 02:03:14 UTC 2018
Hi everyone! I just had a spark of curiosity, and I was wondering where/how everyone gets their opportunities to travel. Exploring the world is my biggest dream and I want to do it a lot more, but as many know it can be expensive. So if you have any tips on how to travel cheaply feel free to comment! On a side note, this picture was taken on one of the Bahamas’ most beautiful beaches. It’s called Half Moon Cay, and this little piece of paradise is 2,400 acres with only 50 of those acres being developed. Other than that, you could call it “au naturel”🐳
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Barrington Miller Thu Jun 21 01:02:02 UTC 2018
@MikaylaGifford I literally can eat and shop my way to my next vacation.
Sanjay Thakur Sat Jun 16 15:23:44 UTC 2018
@MikaylaGifford nice view 😊
Brinlietravels Sat Jun 16 03:02:33 UTC 2018
@MikaylaGifford I teach English online so I’m able to travel a lot!
nafea Fri Jun 15 04:22:35 UTC 2018
@MikaylaGifford If you would like to visit Malaysia connect with me . Don't worry about everything 😊
andoberry Fri Jun 15 02:42:49 UTC 2018
@MikaylaGifford I work where I travel. I haven't worked internationally yet, but a few of my friends have come to America to work at a summer camp and others have wwoofed.