Denise Alexander Tue May 08 12:49:42 UTC 2018
I am looking for a travel buddy to go to Cyprus with this summer. It is possible we may be able to stay at a house I have there but I only ask that you are able to drive as I cannot. I would love to visit the beach, some clubs and anything else you want to see during the holiday!
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Emanuelle Meireles Fri May 18 09:55:26 UTC 2018
@DeniseAlexander I'm going to Europe at the very end of summer. Around September 18th
Denise Alexander Fri May 18 09:52:47 UTC 2018
Around the end of July/begining of August! I haven't booked tickets yet :))
Emanuelle Meireles Fri May 18 09:41:27 UTC 2018
@DeniseAlexander hello! 😊 when exactly are your travel dates?