Natthaya Tapwanan Tue Jun 20 03:59:34 UTC 2017
True love isn't about having butterflies. It isn't about the flirting, the kissing, the sex, the lust. Love is so much more and yet, so much simpler. It is dressed with new experiences, laughter, light, poetry, music, adventure. Tears and smiles and whole-hearted embraces. But love? It can be none of those things their own. It is bound by unconditional respect and caring. Love is forgiveness and your open arms. It is acceptance; it is binding a lot of souls. In its truest form. It is a TWO open hearts with a home within each other..
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Ахмед Ибрагим Thu Sep 28 04:49:45 UTC 2017
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Ibrahim Ha Sat Sep 23 21:26:56 UTC 2017
عاطف شعبان Tue Sep 05 17:05:09 UTC 2017
prabath Mon Jun 26 04:57:00 UTC 2017
Nice thoughts 😋
suhg Sun Jun 25 10:25:03 UTC 2017
Syam2 Sun Jun 25 07:14:44 UTC 2017
Tag the place
Amitesh Pandey Fri Jun 23 19:55:45 UTC 2017
I appreciate your view your thinking is awsome
delicate Fri Jun 23 18:19:49 UTC 2017
What is this place???
emna1 Fri Jun 23 15:09:08 UTC 2017
Paul Senyo Fri Jun 23 06:39:49 UTC 2017
Feel like loving u
Zainab Marvi Thu Jun 22 19:57:27 UTC 2017
that view though 😍
assana renette Tue Jun 20 05:26:41 UTC 2017
Nice term
Travelling Kate Tue Jun 20 04:40:04 UTC 2017
Too true!
Umair Chaudhry Tue Jun 20 04:26:49 UTC 2017
Beautifully said just as beautiful as you are! 👏👏👏 if only people would understand a difference.
mani5 Tue Jun 20 04:25:22 UTC 2017
Respect your view. It's cent percent true that love is unconditional.
Shinu John Tue Jun 20 04:23:07 UTC 2017
The view <3